What kinds of questions can I ask?

Startup Tarot is aimed for entrepreneurs and startup founders who would like to have some fun while tackling with the never-ending questions about their businesses. You could ask any question that is related to running your business.

How should I phrase my question?

You can ask anything. The exact formula of your question will, however, influence the understanding of the cards that you have picked. In general, ask questions that empower you to improve the situation, that begin with how, why, what do I need to do, or other approaches that provide you with more insight into the situation.

Does Startup Tarot really predict the future?

The Startup Tarot deck was created for entertainment purposes and our team cannot guarantee the accuracy of the readings. However, as everything in life, everyone is solely responsible for their own life choices. After your Startup Tarot reading you should not feel obliged to follow any course of action regarding your business or personal life. Please use your own personal common sense and judgment abilities.

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